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Disposable non-woven folding machine


Performance characteristics
1, the device works: synchronous delivery - automatic folding - cutting - product output, fully automated
2, equipment with wide belt synchronous conveyor and two control of the force device to ensure that the finished product size accuracy. And with anti-anti-cloth conversion device to facilitate the production.
3, the device uses solenoid valve pneumatic technology device technology, according to the need to increase with embossing and printing devices.
4, the equipment imported cutting tool, durable and difficult to heat, and with automatic sharpening device.
5, equipment transmission parts with two-piece gear with umbrella gear drive to eliminate the gear gap, processing technology fine, low noise.
6, the equipment used to control the speed control, electrical parts of the wiring planning is reasonable, beautiful, easy to operate.
7, the whole structure is compact, fast, stable performance, simple operation, advanced design concepts, in line with the production conditions of health products.
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