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Various features and uses of various masks

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【N95 mask】
N95 masks were born in the "SARS" special period, through the United States NIOSH certification and the European FFP2 certification, the higher degree of protection of respiratory infections. But the N95 masks thicker, breathable hinge, wearing comfort is relatively low, generally only in the doctor on the use of infectious diseases for the diagnosis and treatment, for the general protection of healthy people is not necessary. This kind of masks is NIOSH (American National Occupational Safety and Health Institute) certified nine kinds of anti-particulate masks in one. "95" means that, under the conditions specified in the NIOSH standard, the filter is not suitable for oily particles (the fumes produced by the cooking are oily particles and the fumes produced by people talking or coughing are not oily); "95" Efficiency of 95%. N95 is not a specific product name. As long as the N95 standard, and through NIOSH review of the product can be called "N95-type mask."

【Civilian masks】
Divided into fine cloth, cotton, activated carbon and other materials. In theory, the more the number of mask layers, the stronger the shielding effect of bacteria.
【Fashion masks】
That is, the tools to defend the flu, but also enough tide, enough Style. Fashion mask is still warm, but the role of the protection of the disease is relatively weak, pay attention to the color at the same time, we should pay attention to the mask of the material and dye safety, so as to contain the toxic and harmful chemicals to stimulate the nose and mouth mucosa, resulting in Allergies occur.
Cup type mask
As the name suggests, cup type refers to the shape of the mask. Cup type mask with non-toxic and tasteless, no allergies, no stimulation, no toxic and harmful substances and glass fiber polypropylene as the main raw material, human design, high standard selection, high-quality materials, high-quality factory, Efficient filtration, anti-low toxicity, in addition to smell, breathable comfort, health, convenience, safety, beautiful features.
【Folding Mask】
Folding design, easy to carry, for the vast majority of face. Unique design shape, with excellent nose clip and headband, to ensure good fit with the face. Suitable for construction, stone, textile, grinding, metal casting, electronics, food processing, material handling and grinding operations such as dust protection.
South of the force is located in Dongguan City Shek Paizhen Zengwu industrial area, is a production experience with more than 20 years of professional automation of ultrasonic equipment manufacturing enterprises. We provide general medical flat masks (inner ear with masks, ear ear masks, strap masks), cup type (bowl type) masks, duckbill masks, disposable masks, three-dimensional masks, n95 masks, dust masks, activated carbon masks , Folding masks, 3m masks and other non-woven masks of the automated production equipment, domestic and foreign enterprises have a number of enterprises to provide mask production plant equipment, was well received.
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