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ALT-900 on the machine


First, the technical parameters:

Model: ALT-900

Power supply: 380V or 220V

Power: 2KW

Speed: ≥ 40 tablets / min

Dimensions: 1300 × 620 × 1200 mm

Weight: 250 kg

Second, the performance characteristics

Features: All aluminum frame, Taiwan imported motor, frequency control, plexiglass or stainless steel casing, ultrasonic welding, machine free paint, low noise, the production of masks with a length of 90 cm, automatic cutting, masks Need to manually put the semi-automatic machine.

Third, the process

Mask with material

Mouthpiece Feed - Bread - Clad - Shaping - Cut
Fourth, the configuration instructions

1. Welding ultrasonic: 2 sets

2. Motor: 750W Taiwan "Yongkun"

3. Inverter: Taiwan "Quartet"
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