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ALT-1200 Slitter


First, the performance characteristics:
The machine has a knife, round knife two cutting methods. Can be divided into a variety of paper products and non-woven fabrics, toilet paper all kinds of plastic film, etc., can be up and down at the same time winding, to avoid coaxial coaxial overlap, easy to separate and so on, Axis, easy to operate.
Second, the configuration instructions:
A. Gear motor, frequency control
B. unwinding and reel for the air up type
C. The reel is one or two (optional one, the cutting width between 20-50mm, the proposed use of two reel. Width of 50mm or more with only a reel)
D. Slitting method for blade cutting or round knife cutting (optional one)
E. round knife configuration 6 sets, 50 small blade, beyond the standard blade cost separately
F. Slitting frame with aluminum alloy, never rust, beautiful appearance
B. Slitter width can be customized according to customer needs
H slitting specifications can be adjusted freely, the narrowest 15mm
Third, the technical parameters:
1. Power supply voltage: AC380V or 220V
2. Power: 1.5kw
3. Design speed: 50 m / min
4. The best cutting speed: 30 m / min
5. Overall dimensions: 2000 * 1220 * 1300mm
6. Weight: 250kg
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